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Joe Marfoglio has been an entrepreneur since the early 90s, however, he lost everything in the infamous market crash of 2008. Not to be taken down, Joe decided that if he was going to start over, he didn’t want another brick and mortar business, instead, he wanted the freedom which would allow him to be with his family and travel.

As a result, Joe began studying about making money online, affiliate marketing, and advertising. In 2010, when almost no one was marketing online for local businesses, he opened an agency. That year he landed his first mega-deal for $32,000 by using YouTube as a foot in the door. That business’s video ranked in one day and as a result of that success, he closed 100,000 dollars in sales using YouTube as the hook. After his local marketing agency starting taking off, in 2012 Joe Marfoglio started using YouTube as a platform for affiliate marketing and made well over 6 figures that year marketing Clickbank products on YouTube.

Having established himself as a local marketing and YouTube expert, In 2014, Joe began teaching his successful techniques as a co-founder of OMG Machines, which has helped thousands of entrepreneurs quit their day jobs. Today, Joe’s YouTube agency works with client businesses that are in the million to hundred-million dollar income range, and he continues coaching both new and seasoned entrepreneurs achieve the freedom Joe first sought when he started his agency.

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Joe is easy to work with and his huge expertise in the area video/internet marketing hugely impressed me.


Joseph is one of the best SEO experts that I have had the chance to work with. His creative mind and specialization in digital agency marketing and in Search Engine Optimization techniques represent your Where-To-Go solution in any of your ventures into your local market. I would be happy to recommend his services to anyone looking for Real SEO that wants Real Results.


Joe is an absolute powerhouse in the digital marketing community. Not only is he an SEO and Video Marketing guru, but he is also an educator, innovator and lifelong student of the digital marketing world. I highly recommend his work to any client seeking the best in internet marketing.